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  • ESP LTD Arrow-1000 Violet Andromeda Used


    This is a lightly used and great deal on an Arrow-1000 from LTD. There’s a chipped end of the upper horn as shown but nothing else as far as wear goes! The Arrow-1000 takes the completely unique, bold design of the Arrow shape and offers it with the excellent build quality and high-end components expected…

  • ESP LTD H-1008 Baritone Evertune Black Satin


    The H-1008 Baritone EverTune is an absolute beast of a guitar, with eight strings and a 27” baritone scale. Typical standard tuning on this guitar is F♯-B-E-A-D-G-B-E, so your extended range for the bottom end is about as low as you can go for the most thunderous and brutal riffs imaginable. It offers set-thru construction…

  • ESP LTD JR-608 Javier Reyes Signature 8-String Faded Blue Sunburst


    A signature 8-string for one of the most innovative guitarists in Progressive Rock and Metal: this is the LTD JR-608 Javier Reyes signature. This 8-string guitar has a 5-piece neck-through and a 27′ scale length – this guitar is a monster of looks and tone! Javiers own Fishman signature pickups provide the sound, and a…

  • ESP LTD MH Electric Guitar Case


    This is a solid and protective case you can rely on to house your LTD guitar. It’s in used but overall very good condition. Features the ESP logo on the case and is designed for all ESP LTD MH guitars.