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  • 1987 Gibson ES-335 Dot Left-Handed Natural


    This is a used (barely) 1987 ES-335 Dot in natural and built for left-handed players. Seriously, the guitar is still in super clean condition with just light pick marks on the pickguard and some light swirl around the back of the body. The guitar has factory installed Grover tuners and includes the original hardshell case….

  • Gibson 500T Super Ceramic Humbucker Double Black


    If it’s no- holds- barred, in-your-face hard rock licks you want, look no further! The Gibson 500T Super Ceramic Humbucker’s powerful multi-ceramic magnet structure enables this monster to cover lots of territory. The Gibson ceramic pickup can scream or growl- never losing its rich combination of enhanced lows and crystal clear highs. Output: 11.4k Position:…

  • Gibson ES-335 Hardshell Guitar Case


    This official Gibson ES-335 case boasts a classic brown tolex / gold lettering exterior, gold latches, and a plush lining. One of the most recognizable cases ever made, and it’s built like a tank too!

  • Gibson Guitar of the month Shred Flying V with Kahler 2008


    This is one tough Flying V – a limited edition Gibson USA Guitar of the Month model from 2008! Known as the Shred Flying V, this one has two active EMG 85 humbuckers, a Kahler 2215K tremolo, and we really like the black dot inlays blending into the ebony fretboard. There’s a few scratches and…

  • Gibson Neck Pickup Mounting Ring Black


    This is a black plastic pickup mounting ring for Gibson guitars, meant for the neck position and it includes all four appropriately sized screws.

  • Gibson Premium Softcase Brown for Les Pauls and SGs


    Gibson’s Premium Softcases have a rugged vinyl exterior and a plush inner lining to help keep your instrument safe and secure. They feature two accessory compartments; one with an organizer at the top near the headstock and a larger compartment on the front so you can take all of your accessories along with you. Brown…

  • Gibson Rex Brown Signature Thunderbird Ebony


    A signature bass for a king of Metal bass playing – this is the Gibson Rex Brown Signature Thunderbird in a gloss ebony finish. Well known for his work within legendary bands such as Pantera and Down as well as his own solo work, the Rex Brown Thunderbird features everything he needs to get the…

  • Gibson SG Hardshell Case


    Gibson cases are the only cases designed to meet Gibson USA’s factory specifications. Tailor-made to fit Gibson’s legendary electric guitars and basses, these cases feature the highest quality hardware and materials. This case is made to fit the Gibson SG. 4 heavy duty latches Locking mechanism in center latch (key included) Red plush lining with…

  • Gibson Vintage Tuning Machine Heads Gold


    This is a set of vintage-style Gibson tuners in gold plating. Delivering precise tuning, the tuners are a closed housing construction with green keys on the ends.