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  • Hermes Birkin 25 Ombre Lizard Bag Limited Edition


    Lizard bags are extremely rare to find, as Hermes requires rigid standards of the skins used by their craftsmen. This fantastic lizard Birkin may have the most striking effect of any lizard bag in the world. The Ombre effect is a symmetrical and stunning pattern that emphasizes the delicacy of the lizard scales. This is…

  • Hermes Constance 18 Ombre Lizard Bag Limited Edition


    When it comes to Lizard, the most coveted bags are those where the natural black and white ringed Ombre pattern is left uncolored, and allowed to show through. Like Himalayans, each skin has a unique coloration and pattern. This 18cm Constance has exceptionally well defined rings, and evenly ombres out to white right at the…