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  • EMG 3-Way Solderless Blade Pickup Switch


    Easily to install a new pickup switch into your guitar without the use of any solder with this solder-less 3-way blade style switch from EMG!

  • EMG BQC Active Bass Equalizer System


    This is the BQC system from EMG. A complete control over your bass tone with active balance, volume, and EQ circuits included in the set. The EQ has two concentric pots that give you separate control over bass, midrange and treble with a center detent for flat response. The mid-range control has a variable frequency…

  • EMG BQS Electronics System


    A great electronics circuit to install in any guitar or bass with EMG pickups (and EMG pickups only!) a BQS System. The BQS has a pre-wired balance control, master volume, and separate bass and treble controls with a concentric mid control. All the EQ controls and balance control feature center detents. This active EQ circuit…