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  • 1982 Yamaha SG-2000 Sunburst


    With that brass bridge plate you can go out for a bite, and come back and this thing is still ringing! A 1982 Yamaha SG-2000 in the classic bright red Sunburst finish over a maple top. The maple on this one even has some light figuring bordering on birdseye on it! It’s in overall good…

  • Martin 000-28 Brooke Ligertwood Signature Acoustic Sunburst


    This is the signature Martin 000-28 in Sunburst for Platinum recording artist Brooke Ligertwood! Brooke has a long standing and deep personal connection with Martin guitars and Martin was thrilled to team up with Brooke to design her dream Custom Artist model. This auditorium style guitar is tastefully designed with a clean aesthetic and is…